IALR is Visionary – Developing Endophyte Library


Beneficial bacterial endophytes live inside plants and represent a largely unexplored resource for enhancing sustainable agriculture. They are also recognized as an untapped reservoir of novel natural products with chemical structures optimized for biological relevance. In the agricultural sector, IALR scientists have demonstrated significant growth promotion of the promising bioenergy crop switchgrass, and are exploring growth enhancement and disease resistance of other crops important to the region. In the biotechnology sector, IALR scientists are searching for unique natural products with wide-ranging applications as antibiotics, antivirals, and anticancer agents, among others. In a research environment without silos, IALR combines expertise in plant biology, molecular biology, microbiology, and chemistry to explore these novel organisms.



Endophyte Research

Endophyte Research

Institute scientists are building a library of endophytes to explore a promising new field of study....

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