Jeremy Beach received his PhD in Chemistry from the College of Science at Virginia Tech.  Beach is the Institute’s Advanced Materials Scientist.

“I’m very excited to utilize all the tools I have available here at the Institute and the ties I developed at Virginia Tech to grow the Southern Virginia economy through industrial support and materials research,” said Beach.

Beach’s dissertation was entitled, Preparation and Electrochemical Testing of Flexible Carbon Nanofiber Electrodes from Electrospinning.  

“For my dissertation research, I utilized and refined a process call electrospinning to prepare carbon nanofibers that were 500 times smaller than a human hair.  By precisely controlling the process variables, I was able to prepare a nanostructured, free standing and flexible carbon electrode that required no binder to hold it together.  I used the carbon nanofibers as a high performance anode for lithium ion batteries but it also has applications in fuel cells, supercapacitors, water purification, chemical sensors, and air filtration,” said Beach.  Beach, in coordination with Virginia Tech, is seeking a patent for this process. 

“IALR is proud to see Dr. Jeremy Beach receive this personal and professional accomplishment. Having a PhD scientist on staff in the Advanced Materials area of our research department will allow us to do a better job servicing our region and fulfilling our mission of economic development,” said Executive Director Mark Gignac.  

Photo: Jeremy Beach, PhD utilizing a 22-ton injection molding machine and decoupled II process to prepare plastic test specimens of precise dimensions for analytical testing.



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