IALR’s fun-filled Drone Academy saw 18 elementary adventure seekers take to the skies for two days of action-packed education and entertainment.

After learning to design and code their own drones, program coordinator Bruce Waller led the group of third to eighth graders in the computer labs to learn more about the mission control software, TinkerCad, and experiment with 3D constructs in an interactive celebrity hide-and-seek game.

Advanced materials scientist Dr. Jeremy Beach exhibited a 3D printer and how it can replace broken drone propellers or even make your own custom action figures and toys.  Students also got to interact with the 3D printers aboard the Inspiration Lab, the Institute’s mobile STEM educational experience.  

Research assistant Samantha Smith-Herndon displayed the real world applications of drones as she demonstrated her use of the AgBot for farm monitoring, inspiring the next generation of precision farmers.

As the highlight of the Institute’s Spring Break camp, students piloted their own Quadcopter mini drones to test their control and handling skills and upgraded to the larger and more advanced Phantom drones on the second day.

Additional photos can be found by clicking here.

Bruce Waller instructs a group of 3rd-8th graders on how to piece together their own personal drones in the Institute’s Inspiration Lab during the two-day Drone Academy STEM camp.