The Institute continues to build the region’s workforce capacity by providing internship opportunities to high school and college students.  The internships are eight-week opportunities to work with IALR staff in research, advanced learning and economic development.

Sidney Allen (NC State) is working on data asset mapping and labor shed research with Linda Green (SVRA).  Erika Davis (UVA) is providing research on publications for IALR with Daniel Dalton in Marketing and Communications.  Kaitlyn Lipscomb (UVA) is working with Dr.  Julie Brown in Advanced Learning.  Alexandra Booth and Gavin Oaks (AET students) are working on the SMART Table with Daniel Caccavelli.  Berkley Toufas (UVA) is working in precision agriculture with Samantha Smith-Herndon.  Sydney Liles (W&M) is studying the characterization of endophytes with Dr. Mei.  Travis Bowman (VA Tech) is working in robotics and image processing with Dr.  Lowman.  Jen Elliot (Trident Univ) is using image analysis to determine plant health with Dr.  Lowman.  Brad Jones (VA Tech graduate) is working on designing and tuning the universal head for the CNC with Dr.  Lowman.

Front row (left to right): Erika Davis, Sydney Liles, Jen Elliot, Kaitlyn Lipscomb, and Alexandra Booth; Top row: Sidney Allen, Brad Jones, Gavin Oakes, Travis Bowman, and Berkley Toufas



Solution Finders - Cucumber Grafting

Solution Finders - Cucumber Grafting

IALR scientists are collaborating with regional growers to increase their revenue by working with them to graft English cucumbers. IALR scient...

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