IALR recently awarded 16 graduating high school seniors with scholarships of $1,000 each to support their continued education in STEM (science, technology, engineering and/or mathematics) disciplines. Offered through the IALR Foundation, the scholarship program is an important catalyst for developing talent in STEM career fields, which are integral to the economic transformation of southern Virginia. IALR’S STEM commitment is also evidenced by research centers in precision agriculture, polymer chemistry, natural products and high value horticulture as well as numerous advanced learning programs and opportunities. 

Tyler Bray
Magna Vista H.S.
Washington & Lee University
Goal: CPA
“I cannot wait to begin building my career and making my dreams of becoming an accountant come true.”

Kendall Cope
Bassett H.S.
Virginia Tech
Goal: Veterinarian
“I was that child who brought home pets to his parents no matter how many times they told me that we could not bear to take in another stray.”

Helen Dawson
Patrick County H.S.
University of Virginia
Goal: Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
"I want to spend my life contributing to mental health research and treating the afflicted.” 

Benjamin Hancock
Franklin County H.S.
Bridgewater College
Goal: Veterinarian or Doctor
“Before my father was deployed to Iraq, … he was vaccinated. … My interest in disease research was born.” 

Daniel Hancock
Franklin County H.S.
Bridgewater College
Goal: Engineer
“As I’ve fabricated, programmed and presented, … I’ve discovered an enthusiasm and fascination.” 

Alissa Hill
Tunstall H.S.
Bridgewater College
Goal: Aerospace Engineer
“I love to learn about all things space, from the way centripetal forces hold satellites in orbit to how long people could survive on other planets.” 

Molly Hughes 
Tunstall H.S.
Old Dominion University
Goal: Cytotechnologist
“[By watching Orphan Black, a TV show], I learned about chimeras, epigenetics and … evolution. …My love for biology has only continued to grow.”

Isaiah Jenkins
George Washington H.S.
University of Virginia
Goal: Doctor
“I have had a dream to go to medical school since I was nine. … I want to help every person I can live the healthiest life possible.” 

Mackenzie Lewis 
Bassett H.S.
University of Virginia
Goal:  Optometrist
“The moment I looked into an elderly woman’s eye and saw a cataract, I knew this is what I wanted to do with my life.” 

Katherine Mosier
Park View H.S.
University of Virginia
Goal:  Math Professor
“Knowing that I can help a person achieve that feeling of gratification during one of the most stressful and insecurity-ridden stages of life is incredibly rewarding.” 

Reid Piercy 
Park View H.S.
Harvard University
Goal:  Sports Statistician
“In second grade, … records I kept ranged from cartoon race results to kickball, basketball and football stats for class recess. … I would analyze … to pick the best possible team.”

Karen Sanchez Godinez 
Chatham H.S.
University of Virginia
Goal: Undecided
“One of my major career aspirations is to … lead a nonprofit program that allows technology to be available to people in third-world countries.”

Kyra Scott
Halifax County H.S.
North Carolina A&T University
Goal: Computer Engineer
“Walking the floors of Microsoft … had the most impact on me. … It was then that I knew I wanted to become a part of that team – of the technology force helping to advance our world.”

Evelyn Villalobos
George Washington H.S.
University of Virginia
Goal: Cardiologist or Pediatrician
“The power of science and medicine truly astonishes me and never fails to increase my appreciation for the science field. … More than likely, … I will focus on pediatric cardiology.”

Jessica Watts
Halifax County H.S.
University of Virginia
Goal: Psychiatrist or Neuroscientist
“I am wildly fascinated with the branch of STEM dealing with the human brain. … With a career in … the medical field, I hope to discover new ways to advance mental health care.”

Haley Wright
Chatham H.S.
University of Virginia
Goal: Dentist
“My vacation bible school … would take up donations for Operation Smile. … Since then, I have been wanting to improve the smiles of others.”



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