Educators within the IALR service region are encouraged to borrow STEM equipment at NO CHARGE, through our Loaner Lab Program.

Teachers wishing to borrow equipment must simply document that they have had training and/or are familiar with the equipment they’d like to request, or complete a training session* through us.

Equipment available includes:


Finch Robots

LEGO Mindstorm NXT Kits



BioChambers (small & large) ProScope Micro Mobile Microscopes
Blood Pressure Sensors Respiration Monitor Belts
CO2 Gas Sensors Soil Moisture Sensors
DO Probes Spirometers
Gas Pressure Sensors Surface Temperature Probes
Hand Grip Heart Rate Monitors Temperature Probes
LabQuests Tris-Compatible Flat pH Sesnors
Motion Detectors UVB Sensors
O2 Gas Sensors Vernier Lab Books with step-by-step lab instructions (numerous variety of subjects & grade levels)



Block Heater Microtube Racks
Centrifuge Pipette Stands
Electrophoresis Chambers & Power Staining Trays
Incubator Thermal Cycler
Light Box Vortex Mixer
Microcentrifuge Water Bath


*Training sessions focus on hands-on practice. We strive to help teachers feel comfortable using and trouble-shooting the equipment and provide curriculum examples that can be utilized in the classroom.




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IALR Summer Internship Program

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