Contact Information

Mark Gignac


Director of Research


The Institute for Advanced Learning and Research (IALR) offers a range of technical services for business and industry through the use of its well-equipped biology laboratories. The facilities and knowledge base allows IALR to provide critical expertise for new plant and plant-derived bio-product development under collaborative research, research contract or fee-for-service scenarios.

The IALR biology facilities are well-suited for:

  • Plant tissue culture

  • Biochemistry

  • Molecular biology and molecular breeding

  • Gene expression profiling capabilities (Bio-Rad IQ5 Real-Time PCR System)

  • DNA sequencing and genetic analysis (Beckman-Coulter CEQ 8800 Genetic Analysis System)

  • Protein expression and analysis (Bio-Rad Mini-Protein II and PROTEAN IEF Cell Systems)

  • Plant genetic engineering (Bio-Rad Biolistic PDS-1000/He Particle Delivery System)

  • Plant physiological measurements (PP Systems CIRAS-2 Portable Differential CO2/H2O Gas Analyzer)



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