Contact Information

Mark Gignac


Director of Research


In terms of High Value Horticulture, IALR has been using expertise in plant tissue culture and molecular breeding to develop valuable ornamental plant varieties for the commercial marketplace.

"Kedong (IALR Scientist) is a master. He's a genius! It seems no one else can do what he does."

Bob Wollam, Wollam Gardens

To date, they have developed novel daylily materials with prolonged blooming periods, modified foliage colors and more vigorous growth, as well as created clonal production methods and new varieties for several ornamental and floriculture crops (eg. Hellebores, Icelandic Poppies, Asiatic Lilies, Begonias), many of which are under commercial production.  New plant products currently under development include Amaryllis, Bird-of-Paradise and Japanese Camellia.