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Sajeewa Amaradasa, PhD
Research Scientist
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Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:

I am interested in collecting crop-specific fungal plant pathogens important for Southern Virginia. My goal is to screen these pathogens against our bacterial endophyte library to identify beneficial bacteria which can either inhibit diseases or reduce the impact of fungal pathogens and promote plant growth and yield. Potential endophytes resulting from preliminary laboratory tests will be taken to greenhouse and field trials. Utilizing beneficial endophytes could lead to more sustainable agricultural systems with reduced use of pesticides and other inputs. 



Solution Finders - Cucumber Grafting

Solution Finders - Cucumber Grafting

IALR scientists are collaborating with regional growers to increase their revenue by working with them to graft English cucumbers. IALR scient...

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    Danville Community College (DCC) and the Institute for Advanced Learning and Research (IALR) embarked on a workforce development project commonly referred to as Capstone in the community.  Capstone or the Gene Haas Center for Integrated Machining is a third year advanced machining program for students looking to build upon skills learned during their first two years at DCC.

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