The Atrium is a bright and open entrance that can easily double as a reception or display space. When visitors enter the Atrium, they are surrounded by a sophisticated environment that speaks to the progress and innovation embraced by IALR. The Atrium's avant-garde design mixes a wide-open airy feel with shafts of natural light to enhance the architecture of brushed metal and reflective glass. More than just a welcoming point, the Atrium can accommodate dozens of display booths for trade shows and conferences. Want a relaxed atmosphere for a reception? Your participants will gravitate toward the Atrium for refreshments and hors d'oeuvres.


Capacity Features Suggested uses


Large 15' programmable video wall

Circular design with landing and balcony

Two-story ceiling with skylights

Central core area with access to key meeting spaces 


Booth displays

Event registration





Solution Finders - Cucumber Grafting

Solution Finders - Cucumber Grafting

IALR scientists are collaborating with regional growers to increase their revenue by working with them to graft English cucumbers. IALR scient...

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