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Diana Carter


Event Planner & Service Operations Coordinator

Upcoming Public Events


IALR’s IT staff take great strides to offer the best audio amplification possible. When you need to document your event, IALR provides audio capture. Staff will record your event using professional audio recording tools, mixers and any other necessary equipment to make sure you can capture every last word.

All of the meeting spaces have teleconferencing capabilities and can establish conference calls to multiple listeners through the meeting solution WebEx from Cisco that establishes secure, on-demand meetings.


When it comes to video production, IALR offers several options.  Solutions include the capability of providing single or multi-camera event recordings. Recordings can be done in either a DVD/Blu-ray form or posted to the internet for easy access.

IALR also offers online streaming. With online streaming, your message is no longer bound by the confines of your meeting room, and more importantly, your audience is no longer limited to just the people sitting nearby.

Skip the travel hassles of traffic jams and airports and use IALR’s video conferencing. IALR uses solutions from manufacturers such as Polycom and LifeSize to offer the best video conference services in the region.