Danville serves as the heart of Southern Virginia and offers numerous means of entertainment, arts, and cultural facilities and programs. Your meeting and event planning team at IALR can assist you in seeking out the right plans for your group.

The Riverwalk Trail, golfing, shopping, history and architectural tours, an outdoor performance venue at the Carrington Pavilion or an all-American evening with the Danville Braves, provide fun and exciting entertainment. The region is rich in history from the Revolutionary period through World War II, with an outstanding tank museum and the stunning D-Day Memorial in nearby Bedford. Also, consider letting the staff arrange a tour of Victorian architecture along Millionaires Row in downtown Danville.

Southern Virginia boasts some of the finest speedway facilities in the country including Virginia International Raceway (VIR), Martinsville Speedway and America's hometown track, the South Boston Speedway.  If you are looking for team building opportunities, consider kart racing at VIR!

For current schedules and events, contact the meeting and event planning team.  To learn more about Danville, Virginia and the surrounding area visit Danville's website. To view the community calendar and learn about upcoming events, click here.



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Solution Finders - Cucumber Grafting

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